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How to Cut a Mango

Here is a easy way to cut a mango.


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Chili Time

Now that it’s getting cooler outside, we always look for food to comfort us. So I started to think about making some Chili. What a great time to make something good and healthy. And Chili can be a good comfort food, when you make it healthy. I found a recipe that you can follow, to make your own. You don’t need to add meat to this recipe, because it has enough protein in it with the beans. You could use mushrooms as a meat substitute and it will give a more hearty feel to it. Enjoy your Chili recipes, during this cool fall season.

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The Benefits of Lemon


If your looking for more benefits in your healthy diet, then look no further. The lemon has great benefits, that you probably didn’t realize. Lemons can help clean out your system, by drinking glasses of lemon water, first thing in the morning. You will help to rid toxins from your body. The acid in lemons work as a anti-inflammatory against joint pain and other disease. If you want to know more, about the benefits of Lemons, watch this video to see what lemons can do for you. Lemons If your looking to do the Master Cleanse, and want to cleanse your body from toxins, here is a link. This lady coaches people in how to lose weight. This may help you in your journey if you want to be on a team to lose weight. Master Cleanse Coach

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Sleepless Nights

Hi Everyone, today I want to talk about sleepless nights. This is something that happens in my life, far to often. I have night’s that I don’t sleep and it can really play havoc on your body. If you have this problem, then you know exactly what I mean. I really don’t like taking medication’s and I don’t want to get into that habit. I try different things to make myself tired. But sometime’s it just happens again and again. I know it’s like insanity! Right. Well last night, I decided to play tricks on my mind. I used to listen, to different sounds before, like music or those calming sounds cd’s.

So last night that is exactly what I did. I found a video of rain. Yep just the sound of pure rain and I fell asleep. lol. I didn’t wake up until my phone rang, with someone dialing a wrong number. Jeez! Anyway, I had a goodnight’s sleep and I thank the rain noise for it. Here is the video that I listened to. I hope you get a more peaceful sleep. If you have any idea’s for me, let me know. I hate sleepless nights. One Love All.