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How to get a flat tummy

If you are having a tough time losing belly fat and want a flat tummy. Then you may find this video to be helpful. There are so many ideas out there, about losing belly fat and getting rid of that fat tummy, it makes us so confused about what to do. Try this idea and see if it works for you.


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Let’s Exercise!

Let’s exercise and get back on track! All it takes is movement and we can do it! I know your feeling like your too busy or just tired. But if you get up and try you will be amazed, at how you will feel. Have fun and enjoy exercising! One Love

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Healthy Soup for the Winter

Hey, it’s cold outside! A good way to warm up, is to have a nice bowl of soup and I found a nice video to show you how. I love soup even when it’s not cold. lol  There are so many you can make soup and add your own touch to it. Try some out and let me know your healthy recipe. Now making it healthy, is better for you and your family. Ok! Enjoy making your soup and stay warm out there. One Love




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Chili Time

Now that it’s getting cooler outside, we always look for food to comfort us. So I started to think about making some Chili. What a great time to make something good and healthy. And Chili can be a good comfort food, when you make it healthy. I found a recipe that you can follow, to make your own. You don’t need to add meat to this recipe, because it has enough protein in it with the beans. You could use mushrooms as a meat substitute and it will give a more hearty feel to it. Enjoy your Chili recipes, during this cool fall season.