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One day at a time

Hi Everyone, I hope the New Year is bringing you Joy and Happiness. I’m trying to learn how to make videos lol. One day at a time and One step at a time. I don’t think I’m going to master it over night. I’m still trying to learn how to edit and so forth. How are you doing? If you would like to see my videos just go on youtube to nulifelivity. Here’s today’s video

Enjoy life One day at a Time


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Whats’ going on?

Well how you doing? lol. I know I haven’t been posting on my blog, so I need to tell you what I’ve been doing. I been on facebook mostly and I have been making videos. I have been busy with work and other things. But I’m still trying to lose weight and sticking to my plan. I have hit a few bumps in the road, and the other day I ended up going to the ER. My thyroid threw me for a loop and I thought I had the flu. I found out that my tsh level is not were it should be. I feel better today and I’m doing alittle research on some natural things to do for it. Oh check out videos and my facebook page. And you can see what I’m up to from time to time. Like my videos and subscribe. Hope all is well with you. One Love and Peace.

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Sleepless Nights

Hi Everyone, today I want to talk about sleepless nights. This is something that happens in my life, far to often. I have night’s that I don’t sleep and it can really play havoc on your body. If you have this problem, then you know exactly what I mean. I really don’t like taking medication’s and I don’t want to get into that habit. I try different things to make myself tired. But sometime’s it just happens again and again. I know it’s like insanity! Right. Well last night, I decided to play tricks on my mind. I used to listen, to different sounds before, like music or those calming sounds cd’s.

So last night that is exactly what I did. I found a video of rain. Yep just the sound of pure rain and I fell asleep. lol. I didn’t wake up until my phone rang, with someone dialing a wrong number. Jeez! Anyway, I had a goodnight’s sleep and I thank the rain noise for it. Here is the video that I listened to. I hope you get a more peaceful sleep. If you have any idea’s for me, let me know. I hate sleepless nights. One Love All.

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Are You Stuck?

Are you stuck and not losing the pounds, that you want to take off. There could be some reason’s, why your not taking them off.  Sometimes when we reach this point, we give up and go back to the bad eating habits.  Don’t give up yet, give yourself a chance to figure out what is going on.  Let’s get to the route of the problem and then see what happens. It could be a number of things, that are happening to you. You may be under a bit of stress or your not getting enough calories. You could also be getting too much calories. If you don’t count your calories and are just winging it. Then you may want to start counting, to see exactly, what your doing in your diet.

Try to get enough rest and wind down in the evening from your day. Listen to music or put on a funny show on TV. It’s important to feel good and it does matter when you are  stuck. Those pounds are going to come off if you keep trying. I found a video, that may also give you some tips, to help you along the way.  Here is a site for calorie counting.

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What’s going on?

What’s going on in your life? I hope that all is well and you are still striving for your goal. We got through Monday and are on our way through the week. It’s going to be ok. I have been getting a couple of my sites up and still working on them. My store is up  I put some of my items up for sale. Take a look when you get a chance. I have been pushing to get pass a plateau and things are looking positive. I’m focusing more, on my abs and arms trying to tone them down everyday, while still doing my walking. I also made a short video to let everyone know I’m going to have a surprise at the end of the week.  Take care and all the best to you for the week. Take it easy and just go one day at a time. We can all reach our goals if we just keep on trying. One Love Folks,

Sista K’



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Walkin Indoors

This morning I went for a walk and let me tell you I felt it.  And it really feels good to get up and get out in the fresh air and sunshine! To me, it just makes my juices flow and it makes me feel better about exercising. I can be lazy about exercising and walking to me, is a easy way for me, to get my exercise in. Today, I decided to go check out a pond, my neighbor told me about, so I headed in that direction. Well low and behold it was a retention pond. lol. I thought that was too funny.

Anyway, I kept walking and came upon an Asian market. Well I stopped dead in my tracks, the first thing that came to my mind was fruit! Asian markets always have an abundance of fruits, vegetables and all sorts of stuff. When I go into an Asian market, I’m so amazed. They have so many fruits, and vegetables, that I’ve never seen or even eaten. Now that I’ve found this market I will be making more trips there. If you find that your walking routine, is getting boring. Try exploring a different route to walk and go down different streets.

If you find that you don’t like to get out much and do walking outside. You can do your walking routine inside. Oh yea, it can be done inside. There are no excuses that it’s raining, snowing, or it’s too hot like here in Florida. lol So get up and put on your comfy clothes and do some walking. You will be happy that you did when you get on the scale and it starts going down. Here is a video that may help you out.